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Project Description

File exchange portal to upload and share files on your webserver via an ASP.Net Webforms GUI or an ASP.Net Webservice.


Use this little portal to simply upload files and share them with others. We use this for our remote deployment. There are 2 ways you can access the portal:

Asp.Net Frontend


Web Service

You can develop your own webservice client. To query the wsdl, use: http://servername/fileservice.asmx?wsdl

Command line

There already exists a command line tool that uses the webservice to manage files.

Example: FileXChangeClient.exe put text.txt

If you use windows authentication on your webserver, you can also specify a user and password.

Example: FileXChangeClient.exe put text.txt ItsMe HalloPW

Installation (server-side)

  • Copy the server files to a directory of your webserver.
  • Create a virtual directory in IIS.
  • Enable ASP.Net 2.0.
  • web.config:
    • Set the UploadPath property to specify the path in your file system that shall be used to store the files.
    • Set the privileges of that path so that IIS has read/write permissions.
    • By default, the maximum file size is 100MB. You can tweak that value via the maxRequestLength property.
  • Optionally, you can use integrated security to control access to the portal.

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